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A Dog on His Own Summary

A Wiki based on the book by Mary Jane Auch. As read from the front flap of the hardcover edition, "Other dogs are K-9s. But K-10 is a cut above the rest. He spends his days running away from owners and doing time in dog shelters. K-10 doesn't' need friends--canine or human. But now, stuck in a shelter with no hope of adoption, he actually gets to know the other dogs--and plans a daring escape with them. It's a long shot, but what choice do they have?"

About the Author

"Mary Jane Auch has written numerous stories for children and is best known for her poultry pardoy picture books. Her middle-grade nnovels have also received many honors. She lives with her husband and frequent collaborator, Herm Auch, near Rochester, New York. Her website is"


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Dog Characters


K-10 is the protagonist of A Dog on His Own. He is a lone, free spirit who is learning the meaning of friendship and family, and the importance of it all.


Pearl is the snarky and sarcastic best friend of K-10.


Tucker is an old mutt K-10 met in the shelter.


Peppy is a Chihuahua K-10 met in the shelter. He is overly pampered.

Adolf & Rotter

Adolf and Rotter are the villains of the dogs. Adolf is the leader, and Rotter is his right-hand man. They are the tough dogs of the neighborhood, and are brutal to anyone no longer useful.

Human Characters

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